How It Works

The Coin Ring Simulator is used to simulate how your coin will look if turned into a coin ring. This can be useful when choosing new coins to work with, deciding on a good punch size for the coin, and while working with a customer on a custom order.
Coin Images (Option 1 - Upload Custom)

Using the Image upload icons, select and load your coin photos into the simulator. Please note: Coin photos should be taken in good lighting, as front facing as possible (not from an angle), with each side facing up in the view, and cropped square to the edges of the coin.

Images uploaded this way are not saved to server, they are temporarily saved in your web browser.

Coin Images (Option 2 - Load Presets)

Over time, we’ll be building up a shared library of popular coins as Presets by first selecting the Country, and then selecting the Coin. If you have coin photos you’ve taken yourself, please consider Submitting a Coin here, and after review, it can be added to the app Presets – this will save you time the next time you want to work with the coin, and help us grow the library for all makers.

Enter Coin Dimensions

If you’ve loaded a coin using the Presets, then the dimensions will be populated automatically. If you’ve uploaded your own coin photos, please be sure to enter your coin dimensions for Diameter and Thickness in the fields provided, so that the coin ring simulation is accurate.

Select Punch Size / Ring Size

Using the Punch Size drop-down, select your desired punch size to use for the simulation. Once selected, (and based on the coin dimensions entered), the app will do the math and transform your coin into a coin ring. The app defaults to a US size 10 – using the Ring Size slider, you can simulate a US size 3 through 16.

Select Options

Be default, the simulator will map the Obverse coin image to the outside of the ring – using the Flip button, you can swap the coin images and map the Reverse to the outside of the coin ring.

Using the Round button, you can simulate a “Fat Tire” look.

Reset will set all options back to default.

Save Screenshot (Optional)

If you would like to save a screenshot of the coin ring for reference or to share with your customer, simply use the Screenshot icon below the coin ring to save a screenshot of your current view.